About this guide

This document provides a detailed description of the Orchestrator web application.

Orchestrator allows users to create a logically completed conversation that represents a dialog between the application and the caller by combining the existing OCP miniApps® and other building blocks.


Orchestrator is a web application, part of the Omilia Cloud Platform® (OCP®), which allows users to combine existing miniApps created in OCP miniApps® web application to build and run a complete Dialog Application that can be further connected to a phone number or a chatbot to maintain a conversation.

The Dialog Application is a sequence of combined miniApps and other Orchestrator building blocks for running a conversation according to the logic the user defines.

OCP miniApps® are zero-coding, zero-maintenance, instantly deployable, and configurable natural language dialog components that handle a single task, such as soliciting a US address or credit card number, or even negotiating an appointment.

For an easy and convenient experience, Orchestrator allows to drag and drop conversational building blocks that contain conversation intelligence onto a canvas and connect them by stretching arrows from one to another.