Voice Biometrics is a service that allows creating a user profile to detect and verify a caller by voice after they have already been enrolled to the service and authenticated.
Orchestrator is integrated with Voice Biometrics service so that the voiceprint with biokeys that contain additional information can be used as a caller identifier during a conversation. For example, if you call an application and say “I’d like to transfer money to the XX account”, the system should fulfill the task in case your voiceprint matches the one that has been registered for the corresponding Biokeys.

Orchestrator allows to connect the application with one of the primarily created Voice Biometrics profiles and, subsequently, allows to connect this profiles' BioKeys to the Orchestrator fields.

Make sure that you have already created a Voice Biometrics profile before using it in Orchestrator.

To use Voice Biometrics in Orchestrator, follow the next steps:

  1. Navigate to the application name on the upper left and select Options MenuVoice Biometrics.

2. Select the Voice Biometrics profile that will be used as an identifier from the dropdown list.

3. Correlate the Biokey with the Orchestrator field, so it would authenticate you once this field is used on any step of the dialog (at least one Biokey has to be mapped!).

4. Select the miniApp and configure it so the Orchestrator contains the BioResult field with the voiceprint to be used as a part of a dialog.

Once Voice Biometrics has been configured, you can use the following fields in your Orchestrator Flows: BioScore, BioUser, BioResult and BioSearch. These fields will contain the results of Voice Biometrics verification automatically.