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Re-ask Intent

The Anything Else? building block allows to prevent a conversation from ending by repeating the selected Intent miniApp. It is possible due to configuring the Anything Else? building block that plays the predefined miniApp and contains re-ask prompts that can ask a caller whether there is anything else to help them with. This feature is available only in the context of the Intent type of the miniApp.

Configure Re-ask Prompts

Before using the Anything Else? building block, navigate to the OCP miniApps® and configure the Re-ask Promtps that the caller receives when the Anything Else? plays.

This re-ask prompt will be used in the Anything Else? building block as the Re-ask Prompt Index.

  1. Select the miniApps tab from the left sidebar, and click Manage.

  1. Select the miniApp of the Intent type from the list, click to configure it to be further used in the Anything Else? block.

2. Navigate to Prompt Indexes in the Re-ask Prompts tab and configure the available prompts by changing content or adding values respectively. Click Save Changes when finished.

Enable Anything Else? block

Navigate back to Orchestrator and proceed with enabling Anything Else?:

  1. Select the Anything Else? building block from the Dialog Control panel on the left sidebar.

2. Drag and drop it onto the canvas to connect with other building blocks to run the conversation.


3. Click the Settings icon in the right upper corner of the Anything Else? block and configure the following. Click Save when finished.

  • Intent miniApp: choose a miniApp from the dropdown list that contains all the Intent type miniApp that were already used in the Dialog Application.

  • Re-ask prompt: select the re-ask prompt index of the miniApp that has been already configured in the OCP miniApps®.

  • Input Fields: configure the Input Fields as in any other miniApp.

  • Output Fields: configure the Output Fields as in any other miniApp.

Once the Anything Else? building block is enabled and the Dialog Application runs to it, the miniApp defined in the Anything Else? block will be played and the configured data with the Re-ask Prompt will be passed to a caller.

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