About OCP miniApps® Service

Omilia offers an automated caller experience that enables you to efficiently distribute routine information to your callers. The OCP miniApps® allows callers to speak their requests or concern to the automated system using speech and natural language understanding. Your callers are encouraged to ask questions in their own words. The Omilia service responds with answers that best match the caller’s inquiry. Omilia’s technology provides a human-like natural “question and answer” process that makes callers feel “heard” and reduces workforce overload on your contact center agents.

With the OCP miniApps® Service you can:

  • Reduce your live calling volumes by handling more requests in the IVR.

  • Help your agents decongest contact centers by transferring out callers who are looking for information to the Intent OCP miniApps® Service.

OCP miniApps® allows you to create any of the following miniApps types:

  • Alpha

  • Alphanumeric

  • Amount

  • Announcement

  • Corpus Collection

  • Date

  • Entity

  • Flow

  • Intelli

  • Intent

  • Numeric

  • YesNo

  • Web Service

For more information about each of the types, please check our article on Types of OCP miniApps®.

To learn how to configure and use OCP miniApps®, you can read these articles:

In case you have any more questions, contact our Support by any convenient means described here and we will assist you.