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Client Success Force (Support Center)

The Client Success Force (CSF) is your single entry point to receive 24x7 service and application support. 

  1. OCP Service Support – Service Support covers any needed assistance for OCP Services, information on known issues and recommendations for troubleshooting.

  2. Application Support – Application Support provides for the resolution of incidents and bug fixes to the delivered Application, and more specifically, troubleshooting and development of any patches/fixes to Application-based malfunctions, for example, the application is performing differently than as described in the Detailed Design Specification document, like routing to incorrect queue, wrong prompts, and so on.

How to reach CSF Support

The CSF team can be reached through the following ways depending on the severity.

  1. Submit a Ticket through the OCP platform

  2. Open a Ticket via Email 

  3. Via Telephone

Submit Ticket through Omilia Cloud Platform (OCP)

Raise a ticket through the Support Center Page in OCP.  

  1. Click on the + Create Ticket button on the top right corner.

  2. A standardized template will appear in order to collect the required information.

More info regarding raising a ticket through OCP can be found in the Support Center Tab.

Open a Ticket via Email

You have the ability to open a ticket via Email, where the email will automatically generate the ticket

To open a ticket via email please send one to: with the following information. 

Mandatory Information

Optional Information

Name of the company

Severity Level

Detailed description of the issue

Dialog IDs

The frequency of the issue

Any additional information 

Impact to calls

Steps to reproduce issue

Reach Support via Telephone

You have the ability to contact our 24x7 Support line in case you experience a critical failure Severity 1 / 2.

  • US contact number: +1 617 749-2907, +1 910 900-1434

  • Greece contact number: +30 694 3217719

  • Cyprus contact number: +35722232147

  • UK contact Number: +44 1144782623

Severity Levels

Severity Level

Error Definition


One or more elements of OCP Services are not working as described in the Documentation, or present serious malfunctions critically affecting the End User’s related business operations. OCP Service(s) supporting the End User’s critical business processes has failed in a way that is either not operative or limited in function, causing the End User’s business to be critically affected.


One or more elements of OCP Services are not working as described in the Documentation, affecting more than 10% of End User related business operations. Certain features of one or more elements of OCP Services are not working or one or more elements of OCP Services present limited functionality affecting to a serious extent the related business operations of the End User. Production operation is possible, but with serious consequences to cost/revenue and/or user efficiency.


An error or failure in one or more elements of OCP Services causes a slight impairment to a certain functionality provided by those respective elements. Production limitations are not affecting efficiency of End User related business operations.


One or more elements of OCP Services are working with a slight impairment to certain features or functions of those respective elements. Nevertheless, the impairment has no effect on the business operations of the End User. Examples would be cosmetic or documentation issues, suboptimal user interface, and the like.

Escalation Point

Below is the contact point ONLY to be used for escalation purposes.

Escalation Point

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