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In the DTMF tab, you can configure the timeout interval after a key has been pressed during DTMF input. This period configures the time allowed for pressing the next button before terminating the DTMF input.

DTMF settings are available for the following miniApps' types:

  • Intent

  • Text

  • Alphanumeric

  • Alpha

  • Numeric

  • Date

  • YesNo

  • Entity

DTMF Length setting

Go to the DTMF tab to set the termination interval after a key has been pressed during DTMF input from the caller.

  1. To set the termination length after each key, enter a value in milliseconds in the box.

  2. Click the  + button to add another key digit or the Trashcan button to remove a key digit.

  3. Click Save Changes button to save the changes.

You can set the time length for as many keys as required. (For example, as many as the digits of a credit card number)

For a better user experience, it is recommended to set a shorter timeout interval for the first and the last inputs, while allowing a longer interval for the in-between inputs.

Termination Key

You can set a termination key that can be used to declare the completion of the input. The default value is None.

Select an option from the dropdown list. The pound (#) or the star (*) key can be selected.

For example, the miniApp could request the following awaiting the input of the caller.

Example 1. DTMF input request

miniApp - "Please tell me your credit card number"

Caller DTMF input - 6011601160116611#

In this example, the system can capture the 16-digit credit card number without including the # key in the miniApp result.

This feature is useful to preserve backward compatibility with legacy systems where termination key was mandatory.

DTMF YesNo miniApp

Exclusively for YesNo miniApps it is possible to set a DTMF key for Yes and No answers.

To activate DTMF Understanding, turn the DTMF Understanding toggle button on, and then set one key for affirmative and one for negative answer.

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