In the Agent Handling tab, you can configure how the system reacts when the caller asks for an agent.

  1. In the Agent Reaction pane, you can edit up to three prompts to use when an agent request is identified.

  2. To enable the DTMF Agent Mode, use the DTMF Agent Mode Toggle button. When enabled, you can choose which button will be used as DTMF Agent Key to transfer a call to an agent:

  3. If DTMF Agent Mode is enabled, you can edit the DTMF Agent Reaction prompts.

  4. Ιn the Max agent request allowed pane, you can edit the maximum allowed continuously and globally agent requests (Continuous Agent Requests and Global Agent Requests respectively), as well as the handling of the call when the limit is reached (Exit or Transfer to PSTN) and the respective prompt.

Currently the Transfer to PSTN option is disabled.

When you are done, click Save Changes to apply the new configuration changes