Logging in

To access Conversational Natural Language®, log in to OCP Console®. This is the unified entry point for managing all OCP® services.

To log in, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the regional OCP Console URL that you are using and enter your credentials.

2. If the credentials are correct, you are forwarded to the OCP Console® landing page. To access Conversational Natural Language®, select NLU from the sidebar on the left.

3. After being redirected to the Conversational Natural Language®, the main page looks like this at your first login:

After you have created a model, the landing page shows the list of NLU models that you have access to based on the groups you are part of and their related information.

Switch on the Created by me toggle to filter out the models created by you.


The Conversational Natural Language navigation bar consists of 2 tabs: