How to deploy a model

To use your model with your application, you need to deploy it.

To deploy a model:

  1. Navigate to NLU → Deployments section and click Deploy.


  2. The following dialog box opens:

3. Fill in the form and hit Create.

  • Name: Name for your application

  • Deployment Type: The type of deployment, whether Testing or Production.

  • Group: Group of users who can use the deployed model

  • NLU Model: The actual model to be deployed. You can select a model from the list of available models or you can upload a model from a file. In this case, you can use a previously exported model. The supported file format is ZIP.

  • Description: An optional description for the deployment

While the deployment process is ongoing, the status will remain Stopped. As soon as the process is completed, the status will automatically change to Running.

For your convenience, in the NLU Models section all the deployed models are marked with the Rocket icon:

The testing deployments are marked with the Bug icon.

Never use testing deployment for production! They should only be used for testing purposes.

Model deployments list

To see the model’s deployment details, proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to NLU → NLU Models.

  2. Select a model from the list and click on it. The drill-down page opens.

  3. Go to the Deployments tab. All the model deployments are listed here.


  4. Click the Arrow button to navigate to the deployment management page and see more information on a specific deployment.