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OCP® Integration

Delving into OCP® Integration

OCP® is fully pre-integrated with the key CCaaS providers, and accessible via their respective marketplaces, such as Nice CXone, Genesys Cloud, Amazon Connect, and Lifesize CXengage.

Moreover, we offer a range of direct integrations:

  • IVR providers: Such as Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys Engage

  • Mobile App integration: Executable through our iOS and Android SDKs

  • Messaging Platforms: These include Messenger, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, ZenDesk

  • Smart Speakers: Featuring Amazon Alexa and Google Home

  • Live Chat integration: Such as Genesys Chat Bot Gateway, LivePerson, Freshdesk, Talkdesk, NICE CXOne, Zendesk

The scalability and adaptability of OCP® enable us at Omilia to swiftly deploy OCP miniApps® with minimal modifications to your existing Contact Center and/or Telephony platform. All you need to do is integrate your CCaaS application with OCP® as outlined in the Integration guides and transfer the call from your call center to OCP®. In doing so, OCP® will manage the dialogue and transfer it back to your call center, along with valuable data that can be used for analytics. This data includes:

  • The user’s intent

  • The number of times the user requested an agent

  • Whether the user was authenticated

  • The reason for the call transfer

  • The user’s date of birth, and more.

Simply drag and drop the miniApps® to your workflow, insert the miniApps® ID you wish to use, the pseudo number to connect to Omilia, and provide the host URL for your OCP® miniApps. This streamlined process ensures integration is seamless and efficient.

NICE CXone Integration

OCP® by Omilia can be seamlessly integrated into NICE CXone, offering advanced capabilities like voice recognition and conversational AI, within a familiar system. This efficient blend of two high-end products enables vastly improved customer communication. The end result of this integration is an improved customer experience and efficient handling of customer care tasks.

For more intricate details on the integration process and its benefits, refer to our detailed NICE CXone Integration webpage.

Genesys Integration

OCP® offers seamless integration with Genesys, providing a configurable and easily deployable miniApps® that can dynamically handle various parts of conversational applications. This blend enables Genesys systems to have natural language processing capabilities, guided with the artificial intelligence provided by OCP®.

The benefits of this integration include enhanced customer experience through AI-driven dialogue, quicker processing times, and the ability to handle more complex customer inquiries. By integrating the OCP® miniApps into a Genesys-based system, businesses can push the boundaries of their customer service capabilities, exploiting the potential of artificial intelligence in their dialogue workflows.

For additional and comprehensive information, please proceed to our Genesys Integration section.

WebChat Integration

WebChat can be easily integrated into your website by pasting an automatically created JavaScript code to your website’s HTML code. WebChat interface is fully customizable to match your brand and visual identity. It can adapt to both design and functionality preferences to suit your website’s look, feel, and user experience.

WebChat offers a number of useful features, such as automatic chat bubble expansion, a typing indicator, an option to resend messages, a view of the entire conversation, configurable timeout messages, an exit chat button, the option to play audio, and even capture users' clicks outside of the chat area.


The live chat feature allows the user to communicate in real time. If an agent is offline, the system continues with the virtual assistant. It also allows the chatbot to pass on complex queries or needs to a human agent for further assistance. The live chat feature can be integrated with different live chat platforms.

Integration to other chat platforms works through a series of APIs with such platforms as Facebook, Viber, and WhatsApp as well as telephony channels and web chat. This cross-channel capability enables you to offer your customers a seamless user interaction experience.

For more information, go to WebChat Integration Guide and Chat Tab configuration in miniApps.

Talkdesk Integration

Talkdesk integration with OCP® offers a unique, blended environment for managing customer interactions across chat and voice channels. This integration combines Omilia's Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning technologies with Talkdesk's cloud contact center solution, offering a more personalized and engaging customer experience.

For chat integration, OCP® uses Omilia's miniApps architecture, where each miniApp is designed to handle a specific task in the user's conversational flow. OCP® chat platform can send and receive messages from Talkdesk, allowing seamless bi-directional communication.

Similarly, in voice integration, OCP® utilizes its Dialog Manager for session control and the routing of customer calls. This setup ensures a smooth transition between actual human customer service agents and automated or digital agents, based on preset rules.

Overall, the integration of Talkdesk with OCP® enables an AI-powered, effortless, and personalized experience for Talkdesk's users to handle customer interactions more effectively and efficiently.

Custom Integration

Interested in custom integration with an IVR provider? At Omilia, we make that possible. For detailed information, we kindly request you to connect with your assigned sales representative. Our Omilia sales team stands prepared to assist with insights into the practicality of custom integrations with your chosen IVR provider.

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