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OCP miniApps® integration into NICE CXone


This document provides an overview of what’s required to successfully integrate OCP miniApps® into the NICE CXone.

When you go to the miniAppsIntegrate tab in your OCP Console® account, you will see the following:


The part highlighted in red refers to NICE CXone integration with OCP miniApps®.

All steps in the integration process are sequential - you should not start with Telephony integration without having created an API Profile.

API integration

This step is needed to build the bridge between the NICE CXone API and OCP miniApps®. Here we essentially tie your NICE CXone profile to OCP miniApps® to be able to establish a two-way connection and successfully integrate your pre-existing NICE CXone setup and OCP®.

For a detailed step-by-step description on how to do the above, read NICE API integration with OCP miniApps®.

Telephony integration

During this step, you need to get a virtual number to connect to your API profile. This is needed because the SIP connections between NICE CXone and OCP® are established by using a NICE CXone virtual number.

For a detailed step-by-step description on how to do the above, read NICE telephony integration with OCP miniApps®.

NICE CXone Integration

After finishing the API and telephony integration, you can download the provided scripts:

  1. Open NiC Studio Integration tab.

  2. Click NICE inContact scripts. The script download starts.

For more details read the NICE CXone Integration.

Detailed integration into NICE CXone

To learn more about OCP miniApps® integration into NICE CXone read the below articles.

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