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What is OCP Conversational Natural Language®?

Understanding OCP Conversational Natural Language®

OCP Conversational Natural Language® is ingeniously engineered to facilitate the creation and deployment of robust Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models.

What exactly is an NLU model? This high-tech tool comprehends textual information through intricate analysis, which allows it to efficiently extract varied components such as intents, entities, entity features, and other significant syntactic elements.

Features of OCP Conversational Natural Language®

With OCP Conversational Natural Language®, experience an easy-to-use, intuitively designed interface that empowers you to curate your own NLU models. These models can be efficaciously employed in your dialogue applications. This compelling tool comes embedded with a suite of vital features for your convenience:

  • Creating NLU models

Effortlessly create an NLU model utilizing Omilia's pre-tuned xPacks. All you need to do is select from an array of readily available domains and utilize the built-in understanding of both intents and entities.

Moreover, the convenient usage of Machine Learning is an added advantage. Allowing you to insert your own intents and entities, it helps magnify your NLU model's comprehension to the preferred scale. It’s crucial to remember that the final output is largely dependent on the depth of understanding you aim to attain as well as the time and effort you're willing to dedicate to the model’s refinement.

As of now, the following domains are available with a pledge of introducing newer domains in the future: Universal, Insurance, Energy, Telecommunication, Car Retail, Banking, and COVID. The Custom domain, however, doesn't come with pre-set understanding. Instead, it empowers you with the ability to fully tailor-make it by inputting your own specific data.

  • Training an NLU model

The training process makes your model adept at understanding your unique data via Machine Learning. Suppose you construct a banking model using Banking deepNLU® xPack. Your model comprehends the packaged intents and entities, eliminating additional training.

However, if you choose to enhance this model with your personal data, it's imperative to instruct your model to comprehend this new information. Likewise, creating a custom domain model with your data requires training.

This training is administered automatically by our advanced system. All you need to do is initiate the process by simply hitting the Train button. Your AI domain model will begin to learn and understand your data, growing smarter with every interaction. No complex coding or technical expertise is needed. It's as simple as clicking a button!

  • Evaluating a model

Evaluating a model provides an in-depth analysis of the performance of the machine learning component within your model. This essentially reveals the level of proficiency your model has attained through training. It's worth noting that, this evaluation process is only feasible for models that have been augmented with bespoke training data.

  • Deploy NLU models

Once your NLU model has been adjusted and optimized, the next step is deploying it. With just few clicks, you can effortlessly integrate the deployed model into your application. This ease of implementation facilitates the smooth usage of your NLU model, ensuring a seamless interaction with your application.

  • Test NLU models

Challenge your deployed model under various conditions and ascertain its efficiency as per your expectations. Feel confident to conduct an exploration trial on it!

Put your deployed model to the test and confirm its functionality matches your expectations. Feel free forward to dive in and explore its capabilities! The testing feature is at your disposal and ready for a trial run. Don't hesitate, go for it!

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