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Managing a deployed model

This page describes the General and NLU Model tabs that are available if you navigate to Deployments and open a deployment by clicking it.

General tab

The General tab shows the information on a selected deployment:

  • ID: The identification number of the deployment. To copy the ID to the clipboard, click the Copy icon.

  • Name: The deployed model name

  • Group: Group of users who can use the application

  • ORN: Omilia resource number generated for the deployed application

  • Description: Description of the application

  • Authentication: Contains the App Token for API authentication. Click Copy Token to copy the token to the clipboard.

You can modify the Name and Description fields. All the other fields cannot be changed.

NLU Model tab

The NLU Model tab displays information about a deployed model and the deployment history.

  • Name: The deployed model name

  • Language: The language used for the model deployed to the application

  • Domain: The knowledge area of the model, deployed to the application

  • Version: Machine Learning server version

These fields cannot be changed.

You can also export your NLU model directly in this tab. To export the NLU model as a ZIP file, click the Export icon.


Click the Arrow icon to navigate to the drill-down page.


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