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OCP Overview

What is OCP®

Welcome to OCP®, a business-ready conversational Al platform for no-code, enterprise-scale customer service automation. OCP® with the help of its user friendly tools can help you develop and maintain sophisticated speech enabled conversational voice interfaces within a short time.

Tools Overview

OCP® is equipped with user friendly tools and applications to allow the creation and configuration of complete dialog applications for voice or chat that are fully monitored .

OCP Console® 

OCP Console® is a unified entry point for managing all OCP services. It provides full control of all the services, such as:

  • accessing and using your OCP services,

  • configuring your OCP services,

  • accessing your billing information and managing your billing settings,

  • submitting requests to the Support Center.

OCP Console® has an easy and intuitive interface and is designed for both the advanced and novice users.

For detailed information on how to use the OCP Console please read the OCP Console® User Guide.

OCP miniApps®

OCP miniApps® are zero-coding, zero-maintenance, instantly deployable and configurable natural language dialog components that handle a single task, such as soliciting a US address or credit card number, or even negotiating an appointment. miniApps can be quickly tailored to each application’s requirements, significantly limiting a substantial part of delivery time.

For more information on how to use and configure the miniApps you can read the OCP miniApps® section.


OCP® Natural Language Understanding is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool created to build, test and deploy Machine Learning powered NLU models. The NLU models are necessary to analyze text and extract meaningful entities, entity features, intents and other syntactic elements.

For detailed information on the NLU subject read the OCP Conversational Natural Language® User Guide.


Orchestrator is a web application, part of the Omilia Cloud Platform® (OCP®). It allows combining the existing miniApps created in OCP miniApps® web application to build and run a complete Dialog Application. The Dialog Application can be further connected to a phone number or a chatbot to maintain a conversation.

For detailed information on the use and features of Orchestrator read the Orchestrator User Guide.


The Billing section gives you access to the billing information for the services you are using.

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