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8 - Configure the Re-ask Prompts

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In this tutorial you can learn how to configure a re-ask prompt after you have created an Announcement miniApp.

How to configure a re-ask prompt

To configure the re-ask prompts follow the steps below:

  1. Open miniAppsManage and select the GS_Intent miniApp.

  2. Select Reask Prompts tab. The re-ask prompts are numbered in an order of priority starting from zero. There you have the options to:

    • Edit existing re-ask prompts.

    • Click the x button to delete unwanted re-ask prompts.

    • Click the +Add re-ask Prompt button to create a new re-ask prompt.

  3. Add a new re-ask prompt and fill in Prompt1 with phrase “Anything else?”.

  4. Click the Save Changes button.

  5. Navigate to Announcement → Dialog Evolution sub-tab.

  6. Select the new re-ask prompt “Anything else?”.

7. Place a call to see and test how it works.

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