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14 - Re-ask an Intent

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In this tutorial we will learn how to use the Anything Else? building block in order to re-ask an Intent.

How to re-ask an Intent?

In order to prevent a conversation from ending, it is possible to use the Anything Else? building block that allows configuring the predefined miniApp and contains re-ask prompts that can ask a caller whether there is anything else to help them with. Navigate to the Orchestrator User Guide | Re-ask-Intent to read more about the Re-ask Intent feature.

This feature is available only in the context of the Intent type of the miniApp.

Before proceeding, make sure that you’ve already learned how to create the re-ask prompts and how to serve the exchange rates using a Flow.

  1. Select the Anything Else? building block from the Dialog Control panel, and drag and drop it on the canvas.

  2. Connect it to the building block you want it to be played after. In our case, it is a GS_Rates_AS Flow.

  3. Click the Setting button in the right upper corner of the Anything Else? building block to configure it to re-ask an intent.

    • Select the Intent miniApp that will be played once again to re-ask the intent.

    • Define the re-ask prompt that matches the number of the re-ask prompt of the miniApp. It is the index prompt of the Intent miniApp that contains the information that will be played to the user. In our case, it is re-ask prompt 1 out of the three available prompts. Read here to learn more about creating the re-ask prompts.

    • Select the Output fields that will contain information from the user. In our case, it is the intent that corresponds to the Intent field of the main application.

    • Click Save when finished.

4. Click the Deploy button, so you could run the application in the Orchestrator Chat by clicking the Chat button.

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