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Reporting in Voice Biometrics


Reporting in Voice Biometrics allows a user to collect information about the verifications and enrollments as the Overall Verifications Performance report and Enrollments Analysis report on specified configurable dashboards which are available through Conversational Insights. Reporting in Voice Biometrics is applicable in both in IVR and Agent Voice Biometrics integrations.

To use Reporting in Voice Biometrics, the user should have access to Advanced Conversational Insights. Contact the Customer Support team for additional access rights.


Voice Biometrics Overall Verification Performance 

This dashboard shows the overall VB verification performance on a daily basis. In this call level analysis we have taken into account the highest verification score for each conversation.

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 12.46.11.png

The Overall Verification Performance report includes the following metrics:  

  • VB Verification Distribution - the percentage of calls verified by VB and their verification labels: True_High, True_Medium, True_Low, False_Low, False_Medium, False_High.

  • VB Verification Rate Daily - displays the Verification Performance on a daily basis via percentage graphs.

  • VB Verification Rate %- the percentage of VB verified (passed) and not verified (failed) calls. In this example the dialog calls are set VB verified with True High or True Medium verification labels.

  • VB Verification Totals - the total amount of calls which can be separately displayed for Failed and Passed.

  • Speech Frames Distribution - the amount of calls and how much clean speech was used to provide a verification result.

  • Median Speech Frames per Result category - the median speech frames that were used to provide each BioResult.

  • Avg Verification Score per Result Category - the average verification score per each BioResult label.

The data can be filtered out using the following parameters:

  • Dialog Date range

  • WeekDay

  • Month

  • Speech frames

  • Verification score

  • OCP Organization (Group) name

Voice Biometrics Enrollment Analysis

This dashboard displays the total number of enrollments in Voice Biometrics in daily breakdown.

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 12.49.02.png

In particular, you can see the following:

  • Total Enrollment Request - the total amount of Enrollment Requests.

  • Total Enrollment Requests daily - the graph of successful and failed Enrollment Requests daily.

  • Enrollment Fails Reasons daily - the percentage of each Fail Reason per day.

  • Global Result Rate - the percentage of successful and failed enrollments.

  • Enrollment Fail Reason - the percentage of each Fail Reason out of all fails.

The data can be filtered out using the following parameters:

  • Dialog date range

  • Global result

  • Enrollment Result 

  • Organization (OCP Group) Name

  • OCP Origin (Agent Side vs IVR side) 

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