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In this tutorial, we are going to take a look at the default analytics that OCP® offers.

There are several dashboards that help you identify how your applications are performing and point out possible improvements.

Below you can find more information on each dashboard:

Conversational Outcome

The Conversational Outcome dashboard allows observing the number of miniApps invocations within the specified time span.

The Dialogs per Day graph shows the total number of calls per day. As you can see from the statistics above, the traffic on Sundays is much lower than on any other day.

The Traffic Peak Hours graph displays the number of dialogs during the peak hours.

The Overall Performance graph reveals the most important factors that influence the overall performance of the miniApps. The data is presented both in numbers and in percentages.

  • Contained - how many dialogs have been successfully completed by the application.

  • Transferred - how many dialogs have been transferred.

  • Errors - how many have ended due to errors.

  • Avg Duration - the average duration of the conversation.

  • No inputs for Dialog - how many times the user remained silent.

  • No Matches per Dialog - how many times the NLU was not able to interpret what the user said.

Avg No Match/No Inputs per Dialog contains the data when and how many corresponding incidents took place.

End Type Distribution per Day provides the percentage of calls that have been either transferred, or contained, or ended due to an error within 24 hours.

You can also easily customize specific filters located on an upper bar according to such criteria:

  • Time range

  • Day of the week

  • Exact miniApp you would like to monitor

  • Organization

  • Channel

  • Language

Intents and Utterances panel

The Intents graph shows the intents distribution concerning a specific time range including the statistics on the most common intents triggered. Click on a selected intent and you will see its daily distribution on the Intents Daily Distribution graph to the right.

Below, you can also find the Top 10 Utterances per Intent table, as well as Top Utterances within the pre-set time span.

All the displayed results can be filtered by adjusting the required parameters on the upper panel.

miniApps Invocations KPIs

The Invocations graph shows the number of invocations within a day.

The Overall miniApp Success Rate graph on the right shows the general success rate of invocations.

The OCP miniApp Success Rate graph represents a more detailed success rate of invocations with the daily shows.

The Fail Reasons graph displays the percentage of failed reasons per day.

The Fail Reasons Daily graph demonstrates how often and why a miniApp failed to meet the user’s needs.

You can also filter the data according to specific parameters on the upper panel.

Sessions Metrics

The Sessions per Day graph displays the number of sessions per day. To the right, you can see the 10sec Increments per Day graph.

Below, you can also find data on Avg Invocations per Session Daily. Under Grand Totals you can see a table with the total session numbers.

More dashboards are coming soon, so follow our updates.