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Why use OCP miniApps®

OCP miniApps® will dramatically reduce the complexity of developing and maintaining sophisticated speech-enabled conversational voice interfaces. There is no need to learn complicated tools and algorithms or to have extensive training in order to create best in class conversational speech automation that significantly improves customer experience and satisfaction. Due to reduced complexity, it would be very easy to make changes to an application flow with OCP miniApps® as compared to traditional systems. Furthermore, these sophisticated conversational virtual assistants can be deployed in a fraction of the time that other solutions take since these OCP miniApps® are pre-packaged natural language dialog components that only need to be brought into a CCaaS flow and configured.

Figure1. Typical CCaaS Flow without OCP miniApps®

In a typical IVR flow without OCP miniApps® the caller may be presented with a plethora of options to select from. How many option levels are really considered user-friendly? What if we need more than ten options? Regardless of the number of options, whether you think they are optimized or not, this type of interface is something that callers love to hate! The problem becomes even more pronounced when you want the caller to input data such as a zip code or a date of birth for example. What if the zip code is a Canadian postal code such as J4W1S6? What is the format of the date of birth – mmddyyyy or yyyymmdd? Have you experienced these systems that have long explanations about how to enter letters or the format of data? It's no wonder that most interfaces of these types we find that callers either try to exit to a live person or just abandon out of frustration.

Figure2. Enhanced CCaaS Flow with OCP miniApps®

In an IVR flow enhanced with OCP miniApps® the caller can state upfront what they want or why they are calling. For example, they can say “my card was lost” and then be able to enter any numeric or alphanumeric data such as zip code or postal code data and then enter a date of birth in any date format with natural language with human-like or better than human-like understanding.

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