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Why use OCP®?

The benefits of using OCP®

With OCP®, the process of developing and maintaining advanced, speech-enabled conversational voice interfaces is significantly simplified. There is no requirement for mastering intricate tools and algorithms or undergoing extensive training. You can effortlessly create top-tier conversational speech automation that greatly enhances customer experience and satisfaction. The reduced complexity makes it far easier to amend application flows with OCP®, especially when compared to traditional systems. Additionally, these advanced conversational virtual assistants can be launched much quicker than other solutions, thanks to the pre-packaged natural language dialog components of our OCP miniApps®. All you need to do is incorporate them into a CCaaS flow and set up accordingly.

Typical CCaaS Flow without OCP miniApps®

In a standard IVR system without the aid of OCP miniApps®, callers are often overwhelmed by a multitude of options to choose from. What counts as a user-friendly number of choices? Can we retain user friendliness with more than ten options? Regardless of your views on the optimization of these options, it's common knowledge that such interfaces are often subjects of user frustration. This becomes even more noticeable when the system requires users to enter specific information, such as ZIP codes or dates of birth. For instance, what if the ZIP code follows the Canadian format, like J4W1S6? How should the date of birth be formatted - is it MMDDYYYY or YYYYMMDD? Have you encountered these systems which require lengthy instructions just to enter letters or data properly? Consequently, it's unsurprising that users commonly choose to either get transferred to a live operator or abandon the call due to sheer frustration.

Enhanced CCaaS Flow with OCP miniApps®

In an IVR workflow that is augmented with OCP® services, callers can seamlessly convey their purpose for the call. For example, they might say, "I lost my card," and then provide the necessary numerical or alphanumeric information, such as a postal code or birth date, by using natural language. The system can understand this language with accuracy comparable to, or sometimes even better than, a human listener.

Requesting a caller’s postal code in a CCaaS flow, without the aid of OCP miniApps®, presents a complex task:


Yet, this task is easily transitioned to a sophisticated natural language interface facilitated by OCP miniApps®, which simplifies the flow considerably:

So, why opt for complex systems that are challenging to use for accomplishing simple tasks, when OCP® can offer a user-friendly system that effectively handles these tasks for you? Just remember this - OCP miniApps® are stand-alone, customizable natural language dialog components. They're designed to manage single tasks and pre-programmed to deliver precise, human-like interaction during a natural question-and-answer process. OCP miniApps® can be effortlessly tailored to your business rules without necessitating any coding, and they offer immediate deployment, eliminating the need for any maintenance.

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