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Conversational Natural Language roles mapping





Deploy a model

Get deployment Information

Get deployment runtime token

Update a deployment

Get model's intents

Get model's intent related entities

Clone an NLU model

Get NLU model contexts

Update NLU model contexts

Create an NLU model

Get custom resources details

Upload custom resources

Get NLU model dataset

Import NLU model dataset

Update NLU model dataset

Delete an NLU model

Get NLU model deployments

Get NLU model entities

Update NLU model entities

Evaluate an NLU model

Get an NLU model evaluation report

Export an NLU model

Get NLU model information

Get NLU model intent suggestions

Delete NLU model ISP

Download NLU model ISP

Import an NLU model

Upload NLU model ISP

Train an NLU model

Get an NLU model’s training results

Update an NLU model’s details

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