fail_exit_reason highlights the reason for which the session ended by returning the corresponding error.

For example, each fail_exit_reason will let you know whether the maximum number of agent requests has been exceeded or whether the caller requested the system to 'hold' too many times. These thresholds are set in the Error Handling tab of each miniApp (documentation for configuring them is available in the  Error Handling Tab).

Below you can find the full list of possible fail_exit_reason values and their explanations.

Exit Responses

Inputs / No inputs

  • MaxNoInputs: No inputs threshold maxed out.

  • MaxContinuousNoInputs: Continuous no inputs threshold maxed out.

  • MaxWrongInputs: Wrong inputs threshold maxed out.

  • MaxDtmfInputs: DTMF inputs threshold maxed out.

No matches

  • MaxNoMatches: No matches threshold maxed out.

  • MaxContinuousNoMatches: Continuous no matches threshold maxed out.

Agent requests

  • MaxAgentRequests: Agent request threshold maxed out.

  • MaxContinuousAgentRequests: Continuous agent request threshold maxed out.

Hold functionality

  • AgentRequest: Agent request after hold functionality.

  • MaxHoldRequests: Hold requests threshold reached. The caller can only request for the system to 'hold' a maximum of 5 times (hardcoded).

  • CallBack: During the Hold_MaxWait action the caller notified the system that they will call back at a later time.

  • InfoAsked_NotAvailable: The caller notified the system that they do not have the information requested.

Low confidence

  • MaxLowConfRejections: Low confidence threshold maxed out.

  • MaxContinuousLowConfRejections: Continuous low confidence threshold maxed out.


  • MaxDisconfirmations: Disconfirmations threshold maxed out.

Same state events

  • MaxSameStateEvents: Same state events threshold maxed out.

  • MaxContinuousSameStateEvents: Continuous same state events threshold maxed out.

Global errors

  • MaxGlobalErrors: Global errors threshold maxed out.

  • MaxContinuousErrors: Continuous global errors threshold maxed out.

Configuration errors

  • getMiniAppError: miniApp configuration error.

  • getMiniAppTimeout: miniApp configuration timeout error.


  • MaxGreetings: Greeting threshold reached. The caller can only greet the system a maximum of 5 times.

  • CriticalError: Critical system error triggered from DiaManT.

  • intelliActionTimeout: Maximum timeout threshold reached.

  • DtmfEscapeKey: The caller opted out from the miniApp using the DTMF escape key.

  • StartOver: During any step the caller asked to start over from the beginning.

  • MaxDisambiguations: Can only disambiguate a specific number of times on a single MiniApp and then exit.

  • MaxAmbiguousAgentRequests: Agent request threshold maxed out during an Intent disambiguation step.

  • MaxSuggestionAgentRequests: Agent request threshold maxed out during an Intent confirmation step.